Powder Coating

When looking for the best alloy wheel refurbishment process for your wheels Powder Coating and wet spray combination is the refurbishment of the whole wheel – this process is used for total colour changes or to return the wheel to its original finish when the damage is too severe or the damage covers many areas of the wheel for a cosmetic repair to be sufficient.

It involves a refurbishment of the whole wheel and can only be achieved with specialist ovens and equipment to remove old coatings, repair damage and corrosion and re-apply a completely new finish. It gives an exceptional finish and is extremely durable.

Then there is refurbishment of a diamond cut wheel which is the same as the powder coated wheel refurbishment described above but with the addition of the diamond cut lathe which removes a micro section of the metal to give the classic diamond cut wheel finish.

Most wheels are gently blasted by hand to remove previous layers of lacquer and paint to obtain a smooth metal surface in preparation for coating. If the wheels are in a particularly poor condition they may be chemically stripped prior to blasting.

The wheels are then prepared, & dressed to deal with any damage to the rim edges and the face. The wheels are then cleaned again by air, the rear mounting hub masked up to keep clean. They are preheated in our oven for 40 mins this is to remove pockets of air in the wheel called “out gassing” (if this wasn’t done, little holes would come through when we apply our coating).

Next step is to apply a dedicated alloy wheel Powder Coat Primer and cure in the oven for 20 mins.

The wheels come out from the oven and they can either be powder coated a colour or Wet Sprayed with a special colour.

The wheel goes back in the oven to cure for 10 mins.

Last step is to remove the wheels from the oven and apply our powder coat crystal clear lacquer.

We cure the wheels in the oven for 20 mins, after which the wheels are allowed to cool down ready for collection or for us to re-fit tyres, new valves and re-balance depending on customer requirements.

Please note that some of the machinery we use is loud and we may miss your call, if we can’t get to the phone, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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